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I'm still not a specialist in decorating elephants. And yet, how, in his opinion, should a historical elephant look like? Only torches, silks and a huge sapphire on the animal's forehead climbed into his head. Caesar, Cleopatra… Maybe the Americans have some other historical elephants

“Understood, Alya. We have two elephants. The elephant is not a problem. And those idiots

can't make up an elephant properly,” Jack protested. - They would still put a fur hat on an animal!

I didn’t quite understand how you can put a hat on an elephant, but it was dangerous to delve into the topic. So you can lose the game. The hip-hoper was already very overwhelmed with negative emotions, talking about problems on the set. My main task is not to distract with conversations, but to motivate the client to spend money at the table further, imperceptibly, in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.


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